Who Are We?

Core Programs & Administrative Positions

The following information is given to assist the public in gaining information on the staff and their areas of responsibility. If you know who does what then it is easier to find the right person to assist you. The responsibilities outlined here are merely a summary of the major areas.

General Positions

Executive Director:

Oversees the overall operations to the Organization.
Ensures positive Board and Staff communications.
Ensures sound financial management, integrity, and accountability.
Administration of all programs and personnel.
Ensures positive public relations in the community and with all funding sources.
Explores new program opportunities and community needs.
Oversees all chairs and planning committees of the Aboriginal Festival.

Finance Administrator:

Ensures financial accounting is accurate and up to date at all times
Ensures cost effectiveness of purchases and equipment.
Maintains all vital documentation.
Maintains all payroll records.
Submits all financial reports to the Board of Directors and funding sources as required.


Provides administrative support to all staff as well as creating a welcoming environment to the public who access our services and programs on a daily basis.

Healthy Baby & Community Liaison Worker:

This position assists people in need to access emergency assistance and funeral assistance within the programs of the DFC. Providing advocacy to members of the public on a variety of issues. They also deliver a program to pregnant or new mothers in the communities of Dauphin, Camperville, and Duck Bay. Providing information to new mothers and encourages healthy lifestyles.
Program: Emergency Assistance and Funeral Assistance. Also, responsible for the Angel Tree and Coats for Kids.

Diabetes Prevention Program Coordinator:
The program goal is to educate the public on preventing diabetes, and assist those already with the disease to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Special Events Worker:

Oversees the coordination of large events. Also oversees the recruitment and coordination of volunteers at the DFC.

Hall Coordinator:

Coordinates all hall activities within the DFC.
Ensures a safe environment that meets all Health and Safety Codes
Supervises all maintenance staff
Completes all building maintenance and establishes a yearly budget
Controls all inventory related to the building operations.
Assist organizations needing space to house staff training or community meetings.

Evening Custodian:

Cleans the facility to ensure a healthy environment for the staff and general public.

Bingo Positions:

Bingo Funds Assist with many programs such as Food for Thought, Learning Centre, Youth Programs, and Special Events such as the Children's Christmas Party, Educational, Recreational, Emergency, and Funeral Assistance Programs. Also funds scholarships and bursaries to youth to encourage educational goals past Grade 12.

Bingo Manager:

Operates and oversees the entire bingo operation for the Dauphin Friendship Centre. Inventory and financial controls to ensure the integrity of the operation. Supervise the casual staff that work the bingo events.

Bingo Security/Custodian:

Is responsible to ensure that the security issues are addressed and that the facility is cleaned after event use.

Canteen Operator:

Is responsible to provide snacks to bingo patrons. Operator needs to prepare foods and control inventory. Complies with all health and safety codes. Is also responsible for overseeing volunteers for the Food For Thought program.

Canteen Assistant:

Assists the Canteen operator to prepare and clean the facility at the bingo events.

Youth Positions:

Program: Urban Multipurpose Aboriginal Youth Program is a federal initiative that assists with the positive development of youth leadership and skills in communities. The project assists to develop positive cultural identities and opportunities for youth.

Youth Cultural Worker:

Organizes cultural programs that provide youth with learning opportunities. Access resources to enhance cultural programming. Oversees the youth Square Dance Program, Drum Group, Fiddling, Square Dancing and Pow Wow.

Square Dance Program:

This program employs dance instructor to work with approximately 30 children to encourage the art of dance and pride in their culture.

During School Year:

Tuesday 6 pm - Juniors (ages 10 and under)
Tuesday 7 pm to 9 pm - Intermediate (ages 11 to 17)

Drum Group Program:

This program encourages young men to participate in the cultural art of aboriginal drum.

Fiddling Program:

Classes for this program usually are held on Saturdays and Sundays during the school year.

Youth Program Coordinator:

Is responsible for the delivery of the youth program under the objectives of the DFC and the UMAYC guidelines. Ensure opportunities for the youth as well as ensure health and safety to the youth. Encourages the growth and development of the Painted Sky Youth Council. Oversees the Fine Option program and the Aboriginal Summer YES Camp program.

Youth Workers:

Assists with the delivery of the activities to the youth in the youth program. Assist in the development of new programs and work with youth staff in a team environment. Ensure safety of the youth involved.

Other Program Areas:

Food For Thought Program Coordinator:

Program is developed to provide meals to approximately 300 children twice per week. Utilizes volunteer and community donations to provide this hot meal from October to March.

Partners For Careers Program Coordinator:

This program works with individuals requiring assistance to gain employment. The coordinator also does outreach into the surrounding areas and build a resource base to benefit employment opportunities for the clients.

Family Group Decision Making Program Coordinator:

This project provides families with children in formalized care or who are at high risk of entering care the opportunity to plan for their children. It is a model that works to involve the extended networks of children into the outcomes for children in care.

Aboriginal Little Steps Head Start Program:

This program attempts to provide youth aboriginal children with the educational boost they will need to enter the mainstream school system. Parental involvement is essential to the program. Forty children between 3 and 4 years of ages access the program on a daily basis. The following positions are essential to the success of the program: Head Start Program Coordinator, Family Support Worker, and Program Instructors.

Adult Literacy Program Coordinator:

Students enroll to access materials to enhance their learning at their level of development. Many students work on customized programming and some will work towards the GED, and yet others may gain the skills that will assist them to move on into the Adult Learning Centre which is a separate program. The Learning Centre coordinator oversees the administrative requirements of this program and the Literacy Instructor teaches full time in the program.