Cultural Program

Square Dance Instruction:

The program is open to youth that want to learn the art of square dancing. There are many groups based on the youths ages and skills. The organization provides regular dance practice and supports the youth in competition avenues.

Pow Wow Dance Group:

The youth of the area may want to develop the art of Pow Wow dancing. There are many styles and types of dancers that are already engaged in the program. The organization also supports the youth in the ability to attend Powwows and to learn about the significance of this art form. Some of the styles of dancers already in the program are the Fancy Shawl, Jingle Dress, Grass, and Traditional style.

The Pow Wow group will be fundraising to go to the University of Manitoba Graduation Pow Wow. They will be holding an indoor yard sale on March 26 & 27, 2010 @ the Youth Centre. If you would like to donate any items please call Cheryl @ 638-5707.

Drum Group:

The organization is working to provide instruction to youth to learn the art of Aboriginal Drumming for Powwow and other events. Youth can learn the skill and are given a venue to perform their skills.


This year 22 fiddlers started to learn the art of fiddling. The program works to enhance the use of the fiddle and the richness of the M├ętis Culture in the community. Youth are paired with adult mentors to improve their success. The organization assists the families to gain access to the fiddles and to provide a venue for them to perform. Should you require information on any of these programs please contact the Dauphin Friendship Centre Front Reception for information.

YES Camp (previously named: Culture Camp):

The Dauphin Friendship Centre, YES (Youth Education and Summer Fun) Camp will be held during the months of July and August for youth in the Parkland Region. This camp will give youth the opportunity to learn about the history and values of the Aboriginal Culture and experience some of the traditions and teachings hands on.

The design and implementation of the session of the YES Camp along with the name have changed. Discussions were held with our Youth Council and a new plan has been developed that we feel will better meet the needs of youth in the region.

There will be 6 sessions. Each session of camp will have the youth depart in the a.m. of the start day and return in the late afternoon of the final day, with the exception of Community Activity Week:

Camp Session Dates Yet to be Scheduled For 2010

Each session can accomodate 12 youth and will give them the opportunities to explore and visit different location in the Parkland Region.

During each session, campers will work together to develop and maintain the campsite. Campers are taught to respect the environment and to leave the area as they found it or as close to its natural state as possible. Daily activities such as camp maintenance, meal preparation, gathering of fire wood, encourage team building and develop leadership skills in the project staff.

Support from local resources is required to assure quality programming for the camps. Sessions feature visits from Natural Resource Officers, who share some of the history of the area, telling stories of their lives and experiences as well as lessons and provide area tours.

During each session, youth will have an opportunity to learn hands on skill such as: filleting fish, making talking sticks, reading tracks, making bannock, picking berries, setting a trap, hide tanning, construction of a leather project (example: slippers) and using nature for craft projects. Campers will also take part in team activites, games and have the opportunity to go swimming, hiking, and experiencing the outdoors.