Community Access Program
Youth Initiative

What is the Community Access Program (CAP)?

The Community Access Program is an Industry Canada initiative launched in 1995. The Community Access Program aims to ensure that Canadians in rural and urban areas have affordable access to the Information Highway and to the potential it offers for job creation and economic and social development at the community level.  The mandate of the CAP sites is to work with individual residents, businesses, schools, community groups, non-profits and government agencies in their community to increase understanding of the Internet and related technologies and to help them develop the skills needed to use them effectively.

In March 2000, the province of Manitoba and the Government of Canada entered into a new agreement to improve Internet access to Manitobans.  This new initiative called Community Connections built on the established 146 access sites to install an additional 440 access points in both urban and rural settings.

For further information on these initiative please visit:
Community Access Program ( or
Community Connections    

What is the Community Access Program - Youth Initiative? (CAP-YI)

The CAP-YI program is an Industry Canada initiative that provides unique
employment opportunities for youth, between the ages of 16 and 30, in rural and urban communities. These youth will remain in the community, while gaining valuable skills in an emerging technology. Youth have excellent opportunities to strengthen their skill set as well as receive new work-related experiences. Specifically, interpersonal and technical skills are developed, as they work to meet the needs of their CAP sites/networks and community.
MBE is the delivery agent for CAP-YI in Manitoba.  Other partners contributing financially and in-kind are; Manitoba Education & Youth, Manitoba Community Connections, and Microsoft.

So how do I, a member of the Dauphin Community, get in touch with someone about this program to learn more about what the CAP-YI has to offer?

You can call the Dauphin Friendship Centre at 204.638.5707 to the Community Coordinator Monday to Friday. Or you can also reach the Community Coordinator by email